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This geektastic 4.5mm wide sterling silver ring features the wo coderd 'lo codeve' hand-stamped in binary co codede. Perfect fo coder the nerdy apple o codef yo codeur eye o coder fo coder yo codeurself, o coden the o codeccasio coden o codef yo codeur engagement to code Wikipedia. If yo codeu're no codet feeling the lo codeve, ask abo codeut rings declaring yo codeur o codewn cho codeice fo codeur-letter wo coderds. I can also code do code initials, o coder pairs o codef them.Please cho codeo codese size and finish when o coderdering. Also code, please no codete if yo codeu wo codeuld like the ring to code be stamped with yo codeur o codewn wo coderd (o coder initials) o codef up to code fo codeur letters. If yo codeu do code no codet specify, yo codeur ring will be stamped with the co codede fo coder "lo codeve".Ask abo codeut a custo codem o coderder in 14 o coder 18 karat go codeld!

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