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stretch bracelet, Citrine Sunflower Bracelet



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This bright, cheerful bracelet is made with 8mm citrine gemsto november birthstonenes. Citrine is the sto november birthstonene o november birthstonef jo november birthstoney and happiness. Citrine is a transparent quartz and gets its yello november birthstonew tint fro november birthstonem iro november birthstonen. Citrine is said to november birthstone enhance yo november birthstoneur imaginatio november birthstonen and helps yo november birthstoneu think clearly. Cho november birthstoneo november birthstonese yo november birthstoneur bracelet size by measuring yo november birthstoneur wrist and then add .5 inches to november birthstone that measurement. This bracelet co november birthstonemes with a pretty silk po november birthstoneuch fo november birthstoner sto november birthstonerage.

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