Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique earrings, Vintage Vogue Rhinestone Clip On Earrings



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This is a pair o movie propf Vintage Vo movie propgue Rhinesto movie propne Clip On Earrings. 1940's Era. They are in Go movie propo movie propd Co movie propnditio movie propn with no movie proprmal age wear. They measure appro movie propx. 1 1/8 inches acro movie propss. Three Go movie proplden Rings entwined to movie propgether and Beautiful Rectangle and Ro movie propund Rhinesto movie propnes in the center. They are marked VOGUE. If yo movie propu have any mo movie propre questio movie propns please ask befo movie propre yo movie propu purchase. I ship to movie prop the USA. No movie prop Internatio movie propnal Shipping. I also movie prop insure all o movie propf my packages to movie prop make sure that they arrive to movie prop yo movie propu safely. Thanks fo movie propr lo movie propo movie propking.

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