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earrings clip on, Vintage Green Swirl Design Bakelite or Plastic Clip On Earrings



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This is a pair o stone earringsf Vintage Green Swirl Design Bakelite o stone earringsr Plastic Clip On Earrings. 1930's Era. They are in Go stone earringso stone earringsd Co stone earringsnditio stone earringsn with no stone earringsrmal age wear. They measure appro stone earringsx. 1 inches acro stone earringsss. I co stone earringsuld find no stone earrings markings o stone earringsn them. If yo stone earringsu have any mo stone earringsre questio stone earringsns please ask befo stone earringsre yo stone earringsu purchase. I ship to stone earrings the USA. No stone earrings Internatio stone earringsnal Shipping. I also stone earrings insure all o stone earringsf my packages to stone earrings make sure that they arrive to stone earrings yo stone earringsu safely. Thanks fo stone earringsr lo stone earringso stone earringsking.

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