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Faceted Tiger Eye Braceletstacking bracelet, Mental Clarity Jewelrystacking bracelet, Tree of Life Bracelet



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This unique stretch bracelet is made with 8mm faceted tiger eye gemsto faceted gemstonesnes. Tiger eye is a sto faceted gemstonesne o faceted gemstonesf "mental clarity." It is a sto faceted gemstonesne o faceted gemstonesf balance and allo faceted gemstonesws o faceted gemstonesne to faceted gemstones no faceted gemstonestice the harmo faceted gemstonesnio faceted gemstonesus center between po faceted gemstoneslarities. Tiger eye is also faceted gemstones kno faceted gemstoneswn as the sto faceted gemstonesne o faceted gemstonesf pro faceted gemstonessperity and go faceted gemstoneso faceted gemstonesd luck. The charm is do faceted gemstonesuble sided with a tree o faceted gemstonesf life o faceted gemstonesn bo faceted gemstonesth sides. This bracelet co faceted gemstonesmes with a beautiful silk po faceted gemstonesuch fo faceted gemstonesr sto faceted gemstonesrage o faceted gemstonesr gift giving. Cho faceted gemstoneso faceted gemstonesse yo faceted gemstonesur bracelet size by measuring yo faceted gemstonesur wrist and then add .5 inches to faceted gemstones that measurement.

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