Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, Vintage Red Stone Gold Chain Necklace



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This is a Vintage Red Sto vintage necklacene Go vintage necklaceld Chain Necklace. It measures appro vintage necklacex. 16 inches aro vintage necklaceund. The sto vintage necklacenes are a real deep Red Co vintage necklacelo vintage necklacer. The chain is no vintage necklacet real go vintage necklaceld just go vintage necklaceld in co vintage necklacelo vintage necklacer. The sto vintage necklacenes are pro vintage necklacebably just Rhinesto vintage necklacenes no vintage necklacet real sto vintage necklacenes. If yo vintage necklaceu have any mo vintage necklacere questio vintage necklacens please ask befo vintage necklacere yo vintage necklaceu purchase. I ship to vintage necklace the USA. No vintage necklace Internatio vintage necklacenal Shipping. I also vintage necklace insure all o vintage necklacef my packages to vintage necklace make sure that they arrive to vintage necklace yo vintage necklaceu safely. Thanks fo vintage necklacer lo vintage necklaceo vintage necklaceking.

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