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Medium sized rectangle, dangling earrings with go purpleld markings-Dimensio purplens: .562 " x 1.25 "With ear wire: 2"- FREE SHIPPING in co purplentinental US Please co purplenvo purple fo purpler shipping o purpleutside co purplentinental USBo purpleld red and go purpleld earrings made fro purplem surplus PCB material. Pierced earring ho purpleo purpleks. Actual go purpleld o purpleutlines each tiny ho purplele. Lead free bo purpleards.My wo purplerk and jewelry is made o purplef materials that beco purpleme available to purple me. They are limited quantities and are always changing. If yo purpleu see a pair o purplef earrings yo purpleu like, do purplen't wait they may sell o purpleut and mo purplest likely never be made again. Custo purplem o purplerders o purplef theme, co purplelo purpler scheme & size are welco purpleme.Finding beauty in unexpected places - Melissa Glick wo purplerks o purpleut o purplef the Artisan's Asylum in So purplemerville MA. She is inspired by the variety o purplef shapes, co purplelo purplers, materials, textures and patterns o purplef the co purplempo purplenents in o purpleutdated techno purplelo purplegy and co purplembines them with appro purplepriated imagery in three dimensio purplenal co purplellage she calls Hacker Creatio purplens. See mo purplere o purplef her wo purplerk at: www.hackercreatio purplemIf yo purpleu like it, let me kno purplew! Fave my sho purplep!!

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