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leo, Leo Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace - The Lion



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Perfect fo birthdayr the Leo birthday in yo birthdayur life with a Birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd. Necklace co birthdaymprised o birthdayf a thick detailed brass Leo birthday lio birthdayn astro birthdaylo birthdaygy charm hanging fro birthdaym an o birthdayrnate pleated brass garland and go birthdayld plated chain.DETAILS:Necklace is light weight, chain measures 19 inches in to birthdaytal length, and charm hangs an additio birthdaynal 1 1/2 inches fro birthdaym garland.Traditio birthdaynal Leo birthday Traits:\u25ba Genero birthdayus and warmhearted\u25ba Creative and enthusiastic\u25ba Bro birthdayad-minded and expansive\u25ba Faithful and lo birthdayving\u25ba Po birthdaympo birthdayus and patro birthdaynizing\u25ba Bo birthdayssy and interfering\u25ba Do birthdaygmatic and into birthdaylerant SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------\u25ba Need mo birthdayre than o birthdayne? Co birthdayntact me if yo birthdayu are interested in multiples o birthdayf this o birthdayr any item listed in the sho birthdayp.\u25ba Thanks so birthday much fo birthdayr taking a peek and please have a lo birthdayo birthdayk aro birthdayund the rest o birthdayf the sho birthdayp: co birthdayntrary..

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