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Very light weight (.1o rubberz) these earrings are made with the lens that is used in a CD Ro rubberm drive o rubberf a lap to rubberp. Surgical steel french ho rubbero rubberks. Each pair is o rubberne-o rubberf-a-kind. Hand made and extracted fro rubberm discarded techno rubberlo rubbergy by me!Techno rubberlo rubbergy is beautiful. No rubber do rubberubt abo rubberut it. My wo rubberrk is made fro rubberm recycled materials and imperfectio rubberns are part o rubberf the aesthetic!These materials are limited and always change. If yo rubberu see so rubbermething yo rubberu like, do rubbern't wait they may sell o rubberut and mo rubberst likely never be made again. Finding beauty in unexpected places - I am inspired bythe variety o rubberf shapes, co rubberlo rubberrs, materials, textures and patternsfo rubberund in o rubberutdated techno rubberlo rubbergy. I co rubbermbine these three dimensio rubbernal fo rubberrmswith alterned imagery in sculptural co rubberllage I call Hacker Creatio rubberns. Wo rubberrking o rubberut o rubberf The Artisan's Asylum in So rubbermerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.hackercreatio rubberm to rubber see mo rubberre o rubberf my wo rubberrk.Fo rubberllo rubberw Co rubbermputer Part Art o rubbern Facebo rubbero rubberk to rubber learn abo rubberut events and specials!Check o rubberut a wo rubbernderful video rubber by Sara Pagiaro rubber o rubbern my Abo rubberut Page.If yo rubberu like it, let me kno rubberw! Fave my sho rubberp!!

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