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This stunning African Turquo nature loverise stretch necklace is made with 6mm gemsto nature lovernes. African Turquo nature loverise is kno nature loverwn as the 'sto nature loverne o nature loverf evo nature loverlutio nature lovern." It is a sto nature loverne that attracts pro nature loversperity and o nature loverffers pro nature lovertectio nature lovern during travel. African Turquo nature loverise is a fo nature loverrm o nature loverf jasper. It suppo nature loverrts po nature loversitive changes and awakens the so nature loverul to nature lover spiritual expansio nature lovern. This necklace is enhanced with a Greek pewter leaf charm. (21x39mm). The leaf is a simple reminder o nature loverf ho nature loverpe and renewal. This is a great piece o nature loverf jewelry fo nature loverr Earth Day. It is very earthy and go nature lovero nature loverd fo nature loverr all seaso nature loverns. It is a piece yo nature loveru will cherish and lo nature loverve to nature lover wear! This necklace measures abo nature loverut 16 inches in length o nature loverr 32 inches in circumference. This piece co nature lovermes with a beautiful silk turquo nature loverise po nature loveruch fo nature loverr sto nature loverrage.

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