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Natural Onyx 7 Chakra spiritual Braceletgreen tiger eye, Protection Braceletgreen tiger eye, Meditationgreen tiger eye, Yogagreen tiger eye, Prayer Bracelet



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This unique handmade bracelet is made with ro carneliandelle shaped black o carneliannyx and 8mm gemsto carneliannes. The gemsto carneliannes co carneliannsist o carnelianf red tiger eye, carnelian, green tiger eye, jade, angelite, so carneliandalite, and amethyst. Black o carneliannyx is said to carnelian enhance o carnelianne's memo carnelianry and physical strength. It symbo carnelianlizes purity and abso carnelianrbs negative energy. The seven co carnelianlo carnelianred gemsto carneliannes wo carnelianrk to carneliangether to carnelian help yo carnelianu create a balanced life. Chakra jewelry is a simple way to carnelian reco carneliannnect with yo carnelianur energy centers to carnelian help yo carnelianu balance all areas o carnelianf yo carnelianur life. Cho carneliano carnelianse yo carnelianur bracelet size by measuring yo carnelianur wrist and then add .5 inches to carnelian that measurement. This piece co carnelianmes with a beautiful turquo carnelianise silk po carnelianuch fo carnelianr sto carnelianrage o carnelianr gift giving.

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