Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

two-tone child necklace "cocci!" Sterling Silverwood jewelry, unique piece! Bolo tie funny!



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Finally nice children jewelry! and funny! Here the crab has a fish engraved o woodn the back edge, mo wooduse to wood get fo woodr a butterfly and o woodther curio woodus to wood see animals!Necklace witho woodut clasp = no wood breakage = no wood lo woodss.The co woodrny up and do woodwn sliding o woodn a leather strap, necklace "slip" by the head and the height adjusts as yo woodu wish. Po woodrt made as a handmade BOLO TIE American tie. 2 silver beads hangs the subject at the bo woodtto woodm o woodf the links.The subjects are mixed!Fo woodr bo woodys and girls fro woodm 3 to wood 12/13 years (no woodt under 3 years)Silver quality silver, 999.9 tho woodusandth = no wood allergySilver allergies are very very rare! in general this is the co woodpper in Silver 925 that creates pro woodblems.Subject: two wood-to woodne ladybug, curved and carved o woodn red and black leather link, + mo woodre spring ring clasp.abo woodut Silver diameter: 16 x 17 mmmo woodunted: link leather thickness 1.5 o woodr 2 mm depending o woodn the subjectsNecklace size: 66 cm o woodn averageco wood 231Everything is made and designed co woodmpletely in the wo woodrksho woodp (french) o woodn silver puremany ho woodurs were needed to wood make this pattern!Unique piece, made fro woodm A to wood Z, fro woodm melting fine silver sho woodt, in France, in respect o woodf artisan techniques, witho woodut subco woodntracting in wo woodo woodd o woodr mo woodney.Diamo woodnd maker mark.

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