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somerville, Recycled Electronics Switch Broach Metal and Bakealite



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Switch Bro upcycleachThis is a bro upcycleach made fro upcyclem an o upcycleld switch- pre-digital, pre-integrated circuits. Made fro upcyclem bake-a-lite -pre-plastic. The bro upcyclewn co upcyclelo upcycler resembles fall leaves, but in the shape o upcyclef an eye. I add vario upcycleus things to upcycle them including, do upcyclell eyes and watches that wo upcyclerk. They are unique, rare, o upcycleriginal, idio upcyclesyncratic. The center part ro upcycletates - like a switch!FREE SHIPPINGTechno upcyclelo upcyclegy is beautiful.No upcycle do upcycleubt abo upcycleut it.#ewasteart- My wo upcyclerk is hand made o upcyclef recycled materials. Wear, tear, dents and scratches are inherent in the pro upcyclecess.- FREE SHIPPING in co upcyclentinental US Please co upcyclenvo upcycle fo upcycler shipping o upcycleutside co upcyclentinental US- If yo upcycleu like it, let me kno upcyclew! Fave my sho upcyclep!!- Custo upcyclem o upcyclerders o upcyclef theme, co upcyclelo upcycler scheme & size are welco upcycleme.Finding beauty in unexpected places - Melissa Glick wo upcyclerks o upcycleut o upcyclef the Artisan's Asylum in So upcyclemerville MA. She is inspired by the variety o upcyclef shapes, co upcyclelo upcyclers, materials, textures and patterns o upcyclef the co upcyclempo upcyclenents in o upcycleutdated techno upcyclelo upcyclegy and co upcyclembines them with appro upcyclepriated imagery in three dimensio upcyclenal co upcyclellage she calls Hacker Creatio upcyclens. See mo upcyclere o upcyclef her wo upcyclerk at: www.hackercreatio upcyclem

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