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engraved, The Latinate Collection Custom Hand Stamped Brass Ring



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Each o hand stampedf these brass rings is hand-stamped with the Latin pro hand stampedverb o hand stampedr phrase o hand stampedf yo hand stampedur cho hand stampedice. I can custo hand stampedm-design a ring with the wo hand stampedrds o hand stampedf yo hand stampedur state mo hand stampedtto hand stamped, co hand stampedllege seal o hand stampedr so hand stampedmething yo hand stampedu learned in high scho hand stampedo hand stampedl Latin abo hand stampedut Co hand stampedrnelia sitting under a tree. If yo hand stampedu need inspiratio hand stampedn, there's an unsurprisingly tho hand stampedro hand stampedugh list here: http://en.wikipedia.o hand stampedrg/wiki/List_o hand stampedf_Latin_phrases_%28full%29 I can also hand stamped stamp names o hand stampedr phrases in any o hand stampedther language that uses the same alphabet, including English!Please specify wo hand stampedrd o hand stampedr phrase and width (3mm o hand stampedr 4.5mm) and cho hand stampedo hand stampedse size and finish when o hand stampedrdering.Brass will develo hand stampedp a natural patina o hand stampedver time. It can be cleaned and po hand stampedlished with any co hand stampedmmercial brass po hand stampedlish if yo hand stampedu prefer to hand stamped keep yo hand stampedur ring shiny. Please no hand stampedte that this listing is fo hand stampedr o hand stampedne ring.

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