Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

as seen in, Taurus Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace | The Bull Celestial Sign



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Perfect fo astrologyr the Taurus in yo astrologyur life with a Birthday between April 21 to astrology May 21. Necklace co astrologymprised o astrologyf a thick detailed brass Taurus bull astro astrologylo astrologygy charm hanging fro astrologym an o astrologyrnate pleated brass garland and go astrologyld plated chain.DETAILS:Necklace is light weight, chain measures 19 inches in to astrologytal length, and charm hangs an additio astrologynal 1 1/2 inches fro astrologym garland.Traditio astrologynal Taurus Traits:\u25ba Patient and reliable\u25ba Warmhearted and lo astrologyving\u25ba Persistent and determined\u25ba Placid and security lo astrologyving\u25ba Jealo astrologyus and po astrologyssessive\u25ba Resentful and inflexible\u25ba Self-indulgent and greedySPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------\u25ba Need mo astrologyre than o astrologyne? Co astrologyntact me if yo astrologyu are interested in multiples o astrologyf this o astrologyr any item listed in the sho astrologyp.\u25ba Thanks so astrology much fo astrologyr taking a peek and please have a lo astrologyo astrologyk aro astrologyund the rest o astrologyf the sho astrologyp: co astrologyntrary..

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