Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

western, Handcuff Gun Necklace The Outlaw Lariat



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This unique necklace was designed and assembled by Mary Andrews, a jewelry designer and Artist dwelling in Bro hando handklyn, NY. Lariat necklace is co handmprised o handf a pair o handf brass detailed handcuffs, a brass gun charm, and a lo handng skinny go handld to handned chain that slips thro handugh either handcuff to hand co handmplete lariat. * Necklace chain measures 24 inches in length.* Necklace is co handmpletely adjustable fo handr several different lo hando handks and styles. * It slips right o handver the head and can be adjusted acco handrdingly. * Necklace is light weight and wo handuld make a great gift fo handr the o handutlaw, mischief maker, ranger, po handlice o handfficer, o handr o handther type o handf tro handuble maker in yo handur life.SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need mo handre than o handne? Co handntact me if yo handu are interested in multiples o handf this o handr any item listed in the sho handp.* Thanks so hand much fo handr taking a peek and please have a lo hando handk aro handund the rest o handf the sho handp: co handntrary..

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