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sterling silver, Swarovski Briolette Cluster Earrings



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Made with Swaro sterling silvervski Crystals and Sterling Silver.\r\rEarrings sho sterling silverwn in Crystal.\r\rAvailable in Aquamarine, Crystal, Crystal Go sterling silverlden Shado sterling silverw, Light Ro sterling silverse, Olivine, Ruby.\r\rPlease specify co sterling silverlo sterling silverr when o sterling silverrdering.\r\rNOTE: Please allo sterling silverw up to sterling silver 2 weeks fo sterling silverr pro sterling silverductio sterling silvern o sterling silverf custo sterling silvermized items. (Items that are no sterling silvert o sterling silverrdered with the co sterling silverlo sterling silverr(s) sho sterling silverwn are co sterling silvernsidered custo sterling silvermized items.)

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