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Enameled G-Clef Pinart deco, Vintage 1960's MUSIC Note Broochart deco, VIOLIN Pin



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I believe this cute bro rocker pino rocker pinch was made in the late 1950's o rocker pinr early 60's using silver plated white metal with o rocker pinrange and yello rocker pinw co rocker pinlo rocker pinred enamel. This musical piece wo rocker pinuld be great o rocker pinn a vintage jacket. It's an eye catching pin measuring 2 3/8" x 1 5/8. In go rocker pino rocker pind co rocker pinnditio rocker pinn with a go rocker pino rocker pind safety catch. A nice lo rocker pino rocker pinking bro rocker pino rocker pinch fo rocker pinr a male o rocker pinr female musician!

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