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silver harmonica, Antique Miniature Harmonica Necklace "Music" Japan Mini Working Musical Instrument



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Necklace co music teachermprised o music teacherf a rare antique miniature "Music" harmo music teachernica. Made in Japan, this little harmo music teachernica has charming wear fro music teacherm years o music teacherf use and a strikingly bright red reed. With 4 ho music teacherles, the harmo music teachernica plays 8 to music teachernes and is ready fo music teacherr bringing a bit o music teacherf musical cheer wherever yo music teacheru may be!Harmo music teachernica stands 1 7/8' and hangs fro music teacherm a 24 inch silver plated chain and wire clasp. I came acro music teacherss this little vintage musical treasure at an Estate co music teacherllectio music teachern. Vintage wear fro music teacherm use adds to music teacher antique charm o music teacherf the piece \u2014 just think o music teacherf the sto music teacherries it might tell if it co music teacheruld speak.Thanks so music teacher much fo music teacherr taking a peek and please have a lo music teachero music teacherk aro music teacherund the rest o music teacherf the sho music teacherp: co music teacherntrary..

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