Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Cherry Blossom on Grey //Copper// silver plated necklace



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***Due to dream Co dreamvid-19 Stay In Place in o dreamur city, all o dreamrders will be shipped o dreamut after April 8th. Thank yo dreamu and stay healthy! xo dreamCherry Blo dreamsso dreamm pattern o dreamn co dreampper. Hand cut, filed, and sealed o dreamnto dream co dreampper.\u27b8 The pendants are hand cut and stamped so dream, each o dreamne will be slightly different and unique.\u27b8 Co dreampper pendant: a little under 1.25" x .65" \u27b8 silver plated chain\u27b8print may vary \u27b8 \u27b8 The pendants are sealed with water resistant varnish but it's no dreamt waterpro dreamo dreamf. Please, take o dreamff the necklace befo dreamre sho dreamwering o dreamr swimming. xo dreamLena\u27b8 instagram | niceLena\u27b8 pintrest | niceLena\u27b8 facebo dreamo dreamm | niceLena\u27b8 website l dreamm\u27b8 vintage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furniture l wageo dreamflabo dreamr.

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