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swarovski crystal, Swarovski Crystal Ball Drop Earrings



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Made with Sterling Silver and Swaro crystalvski Crystals.\r\rSho crystalwn in Crystal AB. Can be custo crystalmized.\r\rAvailable in Aquamarine, Aquamarine AB, Co crystalpper, Crystal, Crystal AB, Crystal Go crystallden Shado crystalw, Fuchsia AB, Indian Pink AB, Indian Sapphire, Light Ro crystalse AB, Light Ro crystalse Satin, Olivine, Olivine AB\r\rPlease specify co crystallo crystalr when o crystalrdering.\r\rNOTE: Please allo crystalw up to crystal 2 weeks fo crystalr pro crystalductio crystaln o crystalf custo crystalmized items. (Items that are no crystalt o crystalrdered with the co crystallo crystalr(s) sho crystalwn are co crystalnsidered custo crystalmized items.)

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