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nerd art, Red circuit board earrings recycled computer part



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Recycled Co nerd artmputer Parts Techie Earrings FREE Shipping!RED upcycled earrings with go nerd artld rimmed ho nerd artles marked, "machine screw ho nerd artles - tight". They are o nerd artne o nerd artf a series o nerd artf earrings made o nerd artf pcb - printed circuit bo nerd artard material.... fro nerd artm a pro nerd artmo nerd arttio nerd artnal ruler!Dangling fro nerd artm surgical steel pierced earring wires. Finding beauty in unexpected places,I am inspired by the variety o nerd artf shapes, co nerd artlo nerd artrs, materials, textures and patterns fo nerd artund in o nerd artutdated techno nerd artlo nerd artgy. My wo nerd artrk co nerd artmbines these three dimensio nerd artnal fo nerd artrm with appro nerd artpriated imagery in sculptural co nerd artllage I call Hacker Creatio nerd artns. Wo nerd artrking o nerd artut o nerd artf The Artisan's Asylum in So nerd artmerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.hackercreatio nerd nerd artm to nerd art see mo nerd artre o nerd artf my wo nerd artrk.

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