Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

key knife necklace, Antique Figural Mother of Pearl Key Shaped Pocket Knife Necklace | Duval Jewelry Company Souvenir



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Necklace co pocket knifemprised o pocket knifef a rare antique mo pocket knifether o pocket knifef pearl key shaped pendant that o pocket knifepens to pocket knife reveal a fo pocket knifelding blade. Key hangs fro pocket knifem a 22" vintage chain and measures abo pocket knifeut 2 inches lo pocket knifeng, unfo pocket knifelding to pocket knife abo pocket knifeut 3 inches. Marked as "Duval Jewelry Co pocket knifempany," this little key knife wo pocket knifeuld have been used as a so pocket knifeuvenir o pocket knifer calling card.Thanks so pocket knife much fo pocket knifer taking a peek and please have a lo pocket knifeo pocket knifek aro pocket knifeund the rest o pocket knifef the sho pocket knifep: co pocket knifentrary..WARNING: Knife is a no pocket knifevelty item, no pocket knifet intended fo pocket knifer children and no pocket knifet meant to pocket knife be used as a weapo pocket knifen o pocket knifer cause any type o pocket knifef harm to pocket knife ano pocket knifether perso pocket knifen o pocket knifer in general. Upo pocket knifen purchasing this necklace, yo pocket knifeu are agreeing no pocket knifet to pocket knife ho pocket knifeld me, Mary Andrews, respo pocket knifensible fo pocket knifer any damages caused with necklace.

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