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vintage, Vintage Chandelier Drop Crystal Earrings



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Earrings co vintagemprised o vintagef vintage smo vintageky gray glass crystals re-purpo vintagesed fro vintagem a vintage chandelier. These unique earrings were designed and assembled by Mary Andrews, a jewelry designer and Artist dwelling in Bro vintageo vintageklyn, NY.* Crystals hang 1 1/2 inches fro vintagem go vintageld plated ho vintageo vintageks.* Earrings are light weight and make the perfect gift fo vintager bridesmaids, brides, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Mo vintagether's Day, Valentine's Day and everyday updates to vintage the wardro vintagebe.SPECIAL NOTES: --------------------------Thanks so vintage much fo vintager sho vintagepping and please check o vintageut the o vintagether items in my sho vintagep: co vintagentrary..

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