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anniversary, Something Inside Me Block Engraved Brass Ring



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Wear a secret message with a brass ring engraved o daten the inside! Cho dateo datese a wo daterd like "peace" o dater "lo dateve", a name, a favo daterite so dateng lyric, a birth date, an anniversary, etc. Anything!This listing includes up to date 18 characters, no datet co dateunting spaces and punctuatio daten. Additio datenal characters are $0.95 each. If yo dateur inscriptio daten is lo datenger than 18 characters, please message me befo datere placing yo dateur o daterder so date I can make sure it will fit and create a custo datem listing fo dater yo dateu.Please cho dateo datese size and finish when o daterdering and specify wo daterd o dater phrase and whether yo dateu wo dateuld prefer a 3mm o dater 4.5mm wide band. The image sho datews a 4.5mm band in an antique finish. The next is a 3mm ring in po datelished finish (with the larger swirl fo datent also date available in my sho datep). The last image sho datews the brushed matte finish.Brass will develo datep a natural patina o datever time. It can be cleaned and po datelished with any co datemmercial brass po datelish if yo dateu prefer to date keep yo dateur ring shiny.

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