Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tag team, Mandala : Shadehouse necklace ... metalwork / sterling silver / blue sapphire



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A garden to tag team walk in and immensity to tag team dream in--what mo tag teamre co tag teamuld he ask? A few flo tag teamwers at his feet and abo tag teamve him the stars. \u2014Victo tag teamr Hugo tag teamThis metalwo tag teamrk sterling silver mandala pendant was handcrafted o tag teamf 16g sterling silver wire, sheet, and bezel wire. It was so tag teamldered in phases, set with a stunning 8mm co tag teambalt blue sapphire sto tag teamne, and antiqued with hand po tag teamlished highlights. It has an o tag teamxidized sterling silver bo tag teamx chain. Chain measures 18" fro tag teamm end to tag team end plus the extender at the clasp.Pendant is 1.65" acro tag teamss.~|~~|~~|~Arrives packaged in a gift bo tag teamx and ships within 1-3 business days o tag teamf receipt o tag teamf payment. Please see the "Sho tag teamp Po tag teamlicies" sectio tag teamn o tag teamf my sto tag teamre fo tag teamr additio tag teamnal info tag teamrmatio tag teamn o tag teamn payments, shipping, gift no tag teamtes, size adjustments, and custo tag teamm o tag teamrders.\u00a9 Elements & Artifacts 2016.

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