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Large rectangle, dangling earringsBo recycleld purple and go recycleld earrings made fro recyclem Osh Park printed circuit bo recycleard (PCB). Pierced earring ho recycleo recycleks. Actual go recycleld o recycleutlines each tiny ho recyclele. Lead free bo recycleards (ENIG finish), manufactured in the USA www.o recyclemMy wo recyclerk and jewelry is made o recyclef materials that beco recycleme available to recycle me. They are limited quantities and are always changing. If yo recycleu see a pair o recyclef earrings yo recycleu like, do recyclen't wait they may sell o recycleut and mo recyclest likely never be made again. -Dimensio recyclens: 2.03 " x .75 " x " .2- FREE SHIPPING in co recyclentinental US Please co recyclenvo recycle fo recycler shipping o recycleutside co recyclentinental USCusto recyclem o recyclerders o recyclef theme, co recyclelo recycler scheme & size are welco recycleme. My wo recyclerk is made fro recyclem recycled materials and imperfectio recyclens are part o recyclef the aesthetic!These materials are limited and always change. If yo recycleu see so recyclemething yo recycleu like, do recyclen't wait they may sell o recycleut and mo recyclest likely never be made again. Finding beauty in unexpected places - I am inspired bythe variety o recyclef shapes, co recyclelo recyclers, materials, textures and patternsfo recycleund in o recycleutdated techno recyclelo recyclegy. I co recyclembine these three dimensio recyclenal fo recyclermswith alterned imagery in sculptural co recyclellage I call Hacker Creatio recyclens. Wo recyclerking o recycleut o recyclef The Artisan's Asylum in So recyclemerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.hackercreatio recyclem to recycle see mo recyclere o recyclef my wo recyclerk.Check o recycleut a wo recyclenderful video recycle by Sara Pagiaro recycle o recyclen my Abo recycleut Page.If yo recycleu like it, let me kno recyclew! Fave my sho recyclep!!Fo recyclello recyclew Co recyclemputer Part Art o recyclen Facebo recycleo recyclek to recycle learn abo recycleut events and specials!

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