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mermaid, Silver Toned Child Mermaid Charm Necklace



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Necklace co aquariusmprised o aquariusf a detailed silver to aquariusned mermaid. This little mermaid hangs fro aquariusm a 24 inch silver plated chain, finished with a lo aquariusbster clasp. Perfect fo aquariusr the mermaid lo aquariusver, a gift fo aquariusr the Pisces o aquariusr Aquarius in yo aquariusur life, and unique find that will certainly be a co aquariusnversatio aquariusn starter.\u25baLegends say the siren was po aquariusrtrayed as a seductresses, who aquarius lived o aquariusn an island called Sirenum sco aquariuspuli. Sailo aquariusrs who aquarius sailed near were co aquariusmpelled by the Sirens' enchanting music and vo aquariusices to aquarius shipwreck o aquariusn the ro aquariuscky co aquariusast.Thanks so aquarius much fo aquariusr taking a peek and please have a lo aquariuso aquariusk aro aquariusund the rest o aquariusf the sho aquariusp: co aquariusntrary..

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