Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repurposed, Recycled Computer Part Earrings



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Recycled E-Waste: Co technologylo technologyrful Techie Earrings FREE SHIPPINGLo technologyo technologyps, ho technologyo technologyps, spacers fro technologym hard drives! There are many different patters, thicknesses and metal tints. But these are classic perfect circles with lo technologyts o technologyf perfect circular ho technologyles go technologying aro technologyund in a circle. They dangle fro technologym surgical steel pierced earring wires. Made at The Artisan's Asylum in So technologymerville, MA. Member o technologyf Etsy Bo technologysto technologyn Artists and Bo technologysto technologyn Hand Made. Visit www.hackercreatio technologyns .co technologym to technology see mo technologyre o technologyf my wo technologyrk. Fo technologyllo technologyw Co technologymputer Part Art o technologyn Facebo technologyo technologyk! FREE SHIPPING in co technologyntinental US Please co technologynvo technology fo technologyr shipping o technologyutside co technologyntinental US

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