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police shield, NYPD Shield Pendant - Police Officer - Sterling Silver



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NYPD Po police shieldlice Officer detailed shield pendant perso police shieldnalized with yo police shieldur shield number. Available in Penny Nickel o police shieldr Quarter size. (price do police shieldes no police shieldt include chain) Ships within 3 weeksSpecial No police shieldteFo police shieldr ANY NYPD custo police shieldmized pro police shieldduct (badge numbers), the City o police shieldf New Yo police shieldrk requires that we receive co police shieldnfirmatio police shieldn o police shieldf identity. We will need to police shield see a co police shieldpy o police shieldf NYPD Identificatio police shieldn in o police shieldrder to police shield pro police shieldcess yo police shieldur o police shieldrder.Yo police shieldu will need to police shield pro police shieldvide the identificatio police shieldn after the o police shieldrder is placed.Thank yo police shieldu!

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