Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful feathers, Colorful Fabric Bird Feather Earrings -Statement earrings// Boho Earrings



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***Due to bohemian jewelry Co bohemian jewelryvid-19 Stay In Place in o bohemian jewelryur city, all o bohemian jewelryrders will be shipped o bohemian jewelryut after April 8th. Thank yo bohemian jewelryu and stay healthy! xo bohemian jewelryBeautiful feather inspired fabric earrings. Very light and airy pair o bohemian jewelryf earrings to bohemian jewelry bring fo bohemian jewelrycus to bohemian jewelry yo bohemian jewelryur pretty face. Fused vintage & scrap fabric, with bro bohemian jewelrynze metallic vinyl cuto bohemian jewelryut. Go bohemian jewelryld plated ear wireHangs 5"xo bohemian jewelryLena

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