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The pineapple is a classic symbo pineapple necklacel o pineapple necklacef ho pineapple necklacespitality and welco pineapple necklaceming \u2014 and this little stunner sparkles and shines. Necklace is co pineapple necklacemprised o pineapple necklacef a go pineapple necklacelden brass pineapple charm hanging fro pineapple necklacem a 24-inch go pineapple necklaceld plated chain. The pineapple is encrusted in rhinesto pineapple necklacenes and green enamel ato pineapple necklacep the leaves \u2014 and can fully detach fro pineapple necklacem the necklace chain to pineapple necklace clip o pineapple necklacento pineapple necklace a charm bracelet o pineapple necklacer swap between necklace chains.Thanks so pineapple necklace much fo pineapple necklacer taking a peek, yo pineapple necklaceu can find the rest o pineapple necklacef my jewelry line here: co pineapple necklacentrary..

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