Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rituals, Mountain Peaks and Copper Sky Hoop Earrings- Hand painted



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***Due to rituals Co ritualsvid-19 Stay In Place in o ritualsur city, all o ritualsrders will be shipped o ritualsut after April 8th. Thank yo ritualsu and stay healthy! xo ritualsI lo ritualsve the American So ritualsuthwest. We recently to ritualso ritualsk a family ro ritualsad trip to rituals Utah and I came back so rituals inspired. I painted these to rituals represent the majestic mo ritualsuntains and go ritualsrgeo ritualsus red skies. I painted these with acrylic paint and sealed it with varnish. Each piece is painted to rituals o ritualsrder so rituals slight variatio ritualsns may o ritualsccur.Size: Circle wo ritualso ritualsd disks are aro ritualsund 1.25"To ritualstal: 2.5"Go ritualsld plated ear wireMo ritualsre co ritualslo ritualsrs co ritualsming.

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