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vintage speidel, Vintage Speidel Ladies Twist On Watch Band "For Big Watches" Still in Package 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage Speidel Ladies Twist On Watch Band Still in Package. Fo antique speidelr Big Watches. 1960's Era. Old Sto antique speidelck, but still new and unused in o antique speidelriginal package. Silverto antique speidelne in co antique speidello antique speidelr. I am no antique speidelt sure ho antique speidelw it co antique speidelnnects to antique speidel the watch as I tho antique speidelught there had to antique speidel be so antique speidelme small pins o antique speideln the end and I canno antique speidelt tell if there are any in the package o antique speidelr no antique speidelt. Yo antique speidelu buy as is no antique speidel returns. If yo antique speidelu have any mo antique speidelre questio antique speidelns please ask befo antique speidelre yo antique speidelu purchase. I ship to antique speidel the USA. No antique speidel Internatio antique speidelnal Shipping. I also antique speidel insure all o antique speidelf my packges to antique speidel make sure that they arrive to antique speidel yo antique speidelu safely. Thanks fo antique speidelr lo antique speidelo antique speidelking.

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