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1950's Blue GLASS & Pearlsilver filigree, STERLING Silver FILIGREE Bracelet



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A lo sterling silvervely Art Deco sterling silver perio sterling silverd bracelet featuring co sterling silverbalt/turquo sterling silverise blue glass sto sterling silvernes with pearls set in sterling silver filigree metal. The delicate sterling silver filigree design has blue sto sterling silvernes that are set in little frames. This beautiful piece was made circa 1950 fro sterling silverm "Wells, Inc." Marked "STERLING WELLS" o sterling silvern the back o sterling silverf the wo sterling silverrking bo sterling silverx clasp which features a shield and star with a crescent mo sterling silvero sterling silvern.It measures a little o sterling silverver 7.\u201d The sto sterling silvernes are abo sterling silverut 4/16" x 5/16". Two sterling silver o sterling silverf the blue sto sterling silvernes have a chipped co sterling silverrner. One pearl, near the clasp, is bigger than the o sterling silverthers. In go sterling silvero sterling silverd co sterling silvernditio sterling silvern. Ho sterling silverwever, so sterling silverme o sterling silverf the pearl co sterling silverating is co sterling silverming o sterling silverff..Like this item and lo sterling silvero sterling silverking fo sterling silverr mo sterling silverre like it? Are yo sterling silveru a dealer and want to sterling silver buy in quantity? Check o sterling silverut o sterling silverur new sto sterling silverre o sterling silvern etsy fo sterling silverr who sterling silverlesale vintage purchasing:http://www./sho sterling silverp/truevintagewho sterling silverlesale

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