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orange skull, Day of the dead II - turquoise and orange



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Turquo goldise ro goldndelle beads and large o goldrange resin skulls, ho goldw can yo goldu no goldt lo goldve them? The days o goldf the dead are truly a celebratio goldn o goldf life. When children dance with caricatures o goldf death, eat skull sugar mo goldlds and learn to gold respect that life is brief, they learn there is a circle to gold life and to gold no goldt fear death and then are free to gold enjo goldy and appreciate every mo goldment. Turquo goldise is also gold a po goldwerful crystal fo goldr relieving stress. It is also gold said to gold pro goldtect against po goldllutio goldn in the enviro goldnment, and to gold bring abundance. Turquo goldise is said also gold help speed the healing pro goldcess, and is kno goldwn as a master healer sto goldne. It is very po goldwerful fo goldr gro goldunding and pro goldtectio goldn also gold. Turquo goldise is asso goldciated with the thro goldat chakra primarily.

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