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asian charm bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era



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This is a Vintage Buddha Chinese Asian chunky and bo antique braceletld retro antique bracelet charm bracelet. It measures appro antique braceletx. 7 1/2" lo antique braceletng. Fo antique braceletr size co antique braceletmpariso antique braceletn, the largest charm measures 1 1/2" lo antique braceletng and so antique braceletme by 1 1/8" wide. It has glass beads, faux beads, a Chinese Co antique braceletin, a Buddha with red, blue and green rhinesto antique braceletnes. There are Chinese symbo antique braceletls, and much mo antique braceletre. It appears to antique bracelet have a few missing charms as there are still so antique braceletme rings o antique braceletn the bracelet with no antique bracelet charms in that area o antique braceletf the bracelet, but yo antique braceletu co antique braceletuld add yo antique braceletur o antique braceletwn. If yo antique braceletu have any mo antique braceletre questio antique braceletns please ask befo antique braceletre yo antique braceletu purchase. I ship to antique bracelet the USA. No antique bracelet Internatio antique braceletnal. I also antique bracelet insure all o antique braceletf my packages to antique bracelet the USA to antique bracelet make sure that they arrive to antique bracelet yo antique braceletu safely. Thanks fo antique braceletr lo antique braceleto antique braceletking.

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