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Black Deeply Carved Genuine BAKELITE Broochbakelite flower pin, Vintage 1930's Floral CATALIN Pin



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A very attractive bro 1930s broocho 1930s broochch that made o 1930s broochf genuine Bakelite. Features include deeply carved designs o 1930s broochf flo 1930s broochwers and stems with lo 1930s broochts o 1930s broochf detail, it's very appealing and highly co 1930s broochllectible. The co 1930s broochnditio 1930s broochn appears great. This embedded pin back is in go 1930s broocho 1930s broochd wo 1930s broochrking o 1930s broochrder. It measures 3 1/4" lo 1930s broochng x 1 1/2" in height. Fro 1930s broochm the Art Deco 1930s brooch perio 1930s broochd o 1930s broochf the late 30's o 1930s broochr early 40's.Like this item and lo 1930s broocho 1930s broochking fo 1930s broochr mo 1930s broochre like it? Are yo 1930s broochu a dealer and want to 1930s brooch buy in quantity? Check o 1930s broochut o 1930s broochur new sto 1930s broochre o 1930s broochn etsy fo 1930s broochr who 1930s broochlesale vintage purchasing:http://www./sho 1930s broochp/truevintagewho 1930s broochlesale

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