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yuzen washi, Red Umbrella on Lilac Purple Earrings- Yuzen Paper On Turquoise Patina Metal or Wood Disk



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***Due to yuzen washi Co yuzen washivid-19 Stay In Place in o yuzen washiur city, all o yuzen washirders will be shipped o yuzen washiut after April 8th. Thank yo yuzen washiu and stay healthy! xo yuzen washi\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665Take 20% OFF yo yuzen washiur Entire Order \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 \rVisit \u27b8 \u27b8 \u27b8 yuzen washim \u27b8 \u27b8 \u27b8 \rEnter \u27b8 \u27b8 etsyfriend \u27b8 \u27b8 at checko yuzen washiut \r\rI canno yuzen washit get eno yuzen washiugh o yuzen washif prints. My idea o yuzen washif getting dressed up is wearing at least 4 different co yuzen washintrasting (no yuzen washitice I didnt say co yuzen washimplimenting) patterns and co yuzen washilo yuzen washirs and why wo yuzen washiuld I sto yuzen waship at jewelry? \r\r****************** Have It Yo yuzen washiur Way *******************************\rCho yuzen washio yuzen washise fro yuzen washim Wo yuzen washio yuzen washid o yuzen washir Metal Disk (2nd pictures sho yuzen washiws examples)\rSilver plated Ear Wire (Sterling Silver is available upo yuzen washin request fo yuzen washir $2.50 extra)\r\r******************* The Sto yuzen washiry ******************************************\rThis is my mo yuzen washist po yuzen washipular line. Original design 2003--- Origami Paper o yuzen washin Metal--\r\rI started with o yuzen washine pack o yuzen washif o yuzen washirigami paper and fused them o yuzen washinto yuzen washi patina metal shapes. It quickly became a ho yuzen washit seller but my cherished treasures became unavailable. So yuzen washi, I went o yuzen washin a search fo yuzen washir new material and fo yuzen washiund scrap wo yuzen washio yuzen washid shapes. I have expanded my pattern catalo yuzen washig o yuzen washiver the years and I no yuzen washiw o yuzen washiffer o yuzen washiver 100 different prints. They are all available o yuzen washin wo yuzen washio yuzen washid o yuzen washir patina metal. I am always adding new prints to yuzen washi the catalo yuzen washig, so yuzen washi check back o yuzen washiften!\r\r\r******************* The Pro yuzen washicess *************************************\rFused paper (Japanese Yuzen o yuzen washir Chiyo yuzen washigami o yuzen washir deco yuzen washirative paper) o yuzen washin Wo yuzen washio yuzen washid o yuzen washir Patina Metal disks. Sealed with glaze. \r\r******************** The Mo yuzen washire Yo yuzen washiu Kno yuzen washiw *****************************\r**These are no yuzen washit water pro yuzen washio yuzen washif. Do yuzen washin't jump in the po yuzen washio yuzen washil with them o yuzen washin. Please remo yuzen washive befo yuzen washire sho yuzen washiwering. \r**Prints will vary because they are individually cut (with xacto yuzen washi knife) fro yuzen washim a larger sheet. \r\r*************************************************************************\rSho yuzen waship the full co yuzen washillectio yuzen washin here: https://www./sho yuzen waship/niceLena?sectio yuzen washin_id=7807765&ref=sho yuzen washipsectio yuzen washin_leftnav_1\r\r\r\r\u27b8 instagram | niceLena\r\u27b8 pintrest | niceLena\r\u27b8 facebo yuzen washio yuzen yuzen washim | niceLena\r\u27b8 website l yuzen washim\r\u27b8 vintage & art supply l teamsalvage.\r\u27b8 my guy's furniture l wageo yuzen washiflabo yuzen washir.

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