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antique bracelet, Copper and Brass Bracelet 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage Co old braceletpper and Brass Bracelet 1960 Era. Made in India, Lo old braceleto old braceletks to old bracelet be handmade. It measures appro old braceletx 1 inch wide. It measures appro old braceletx. 8 inches aro old braceletund o old braceletn the inside dimensio old braceletns. Go old braceleto old braceletd co old braceletnditio old braceletn with no old braceletrmal age wear. If yo old braceletu have any mo old braceletre questio old braceletns please ask befo old braceletre yo old braceletu purchase. I ship to old bracelet the USA. No old bracelet Internatio old braceletnal Shipping. I also old bracelet insure all o old braceletf my packages to old bracelet make sure that they arrive to old bracelet yo old braceletu safely. Thanks fo old braceletr lo old braceleto old braceletking.

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