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Summer flower basketflower pendant, sterling silver cabochon pendantflower pendant, Art Nouveau style



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Fro art nouveaum my Primavera co art nouveaullectio art nouveaun.\rThis co art nouveaullectio art nouveaun is co art nouveaumprised o art nouveauf flo art nouveaural mo art nouveautifs cast fro art nouveaum vintage butto art nouveauns and cabo art nouveaucho art nouveauns. The fun flo art nouveaurals are perfect fo art nouveaur spring and summer wedding jewelry, either as a main bridal piece o art nouveaur in sets fo art nouveaur bridesmaids. I am happy to art nouveau do art nouveau custo art nouveaum o art nouveaurders o art nouveaun this line, just ask!\r\rThis pendant was mo art nouveaulded fro art nouveaum a vintage German cabo art nouveaucho art nouveaun. I cho art nouveause it fo art nouveaur its lo art nouveauvely detail, it features multiple flo art nouveauwers, o art nouveaune larger, three smaller, and so art nouveaume leafy co art nouveaumplements. Simple, sweet, ro art nouveaumantic, this pendant wo art nouveauuld be a perfect accent in a wedding, either fo art nouveaur a bride o art nouveaur in sets fo art nouveaur the bridesmaids.\rI o art nouveauxidized the entire pendant, than carefully brightened so art nouveaume areas fo art nouveaur maximum co art nouveauntrast. \r\r\rThis pendant is ready to art nouveau ship.\r\rThe pendant measures 16 mm by 22 mm.\rNecklace measures 16" lo art nouveaung.

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