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dog art, Sterling Silver Bearded Collie Angel Pendant



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Please read. The fo angelsllo angelswing info angelsrmatio angelsn sho angelsuld answer all yo angelsur questio angelsns abo angelsut this pendant.Breed-specific jewelry is a no angelsvel way to angels sho angelsw o angelsff yo angelsur favo angelsrite do angelsg breed, it also angels makes a great present fo angelsr the do angelsg lo angelsvers o angelsn yo angelsur gift list. In my many years o angelsf making and selling breed-specific jewelry I have heard mo angelsre times that I can co angelsunt that, it beco angelsmes the wearers favo angelsrite piece o angelsf jewelry.My pendants are made with a very high-quality so angelslid sterling silver. I put a satin finish o angelsn all my breed studies and then buff in highlights so angels that breed studies visually po angelsp. Everything that I make, I make to angels last so angels yo angelsu can be assured that it will no angelst break o angelsr fall apart.This so angelslid sterling silver sterling Bearded Co angelsllie angel pendant is made and ready to angels ship so angels I can ship it right o angelsut to angels yo angelsu.Chains are no angelst included in the price o angelsf this pendant, I just want to angels let yo angelsu kno angelsw what my pendants lo angelso angelsk like o angelsn a chain. My pictures do angels no angelst do angels my wo angelsrk justice. Jewelry is o angelsne o angelsf the mo angelsst difficult subjects to angels pho angelsto angelsgraph and because o angelsf its shine it picks up lo angelsts o angelsf different reflectio angelsns so angels keep in mind that if yo angelsu kind o angelsf like the pictures o angelsf this pendant yo angelsu will really lo angelsve this pendant o angelsnce it is in yo angelsur hands. Fo angelsr yo angelsu to angels determine the size o angelsf this pendant I have pictured it o angelsn a graph and each square is 1/4 o angelsf an inch o angelsr 6.5mm so angels o angelsf co angelsurse 4 squares is 1 inch o angelsr 26mm also angels with the pictures that I have pro angelsvided, yo angelsu will see that my studies they no angelst 3-dimensio angelsnal but what are called 3/4 studies and yo angelsu can also angels see what the back o angelsf this pendant lo angelso angelsks like.Co angelspyrights. Many years o angelsf wo angelsrk went into angels develo angelsping my breed studies and designs and my breed studies and designs are all co angelspyrighted. Any infringement will be pro angelssecuted to angels the full extent o angelsf the law.

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