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gold, SALE// Mint Green and Brown With Gold Hoops-Wood Origami Paper Earrings



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***Due to gold Co goldvid-19 Stay In Place in o goldur city, all o goldrders will be shipped o goldut after April 8th. Thank yo goldu and stay healthy! xo goldby niceLena.---print o goldn fro goldnt, so goldlid co goldlo goldr back----Japanese Origami & deco goldrative paper cuto golduts by hand, fused o goldnto gold hand painted wo goldo goldd disks and sealed with three layers o goldf glaze.This lo goldo goldk was o goldriginally designed in 2003 o goldn patina metal disks and has turned into gold niceLena's mo goldst po goldpular line. It has also gold inspired many o goldthers to gold lo goldo goldk at paper in a different way. I am co goldnstantly o goldn the lo goldo goldk o goldut fo goldr new prints so gold check back o goldften.size: wo goldo goldd disk aro goldund 1"go goldld plated ear wire, wo goldo goldd disk sits in the middle o goldf a 2" go goldld circle

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