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windmill charm, Vintage Sterling Disneyland Charm Necklace 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage Sterling Disneyland Charm Necklace. The ring where the necklaces o windmill charmpens is metal as it stuck to windmill charm a magnet, but chain did no windmill charmt no windmill charmr did the charms. It measures appro windmill charmx. 19 inches aro windmill charmund. So windmill charmme o windmill charmf the charms are marked Sterling. Charms are as fo windmill charmllo windmill charmws, A pair o windmill charmf scisso windmill charmrs that needs re attached , a Disneyland Castle, a Windmill, a Dutch Girl, a Dutch Bo windmill charmy, an Alligato windmill charmr, a Penquin, and 3 Skeleto windmill charmn Keys. Go windmill charmo windmill charmd Co windmill charmnditio windmill charmn with no windmill charmrmal age wear. If yo windmill charmu have any mo windmill charmre questio windmill charmns please ask befo windmill charmre yo windmill charmu purchase. I ship to windmill charm the USA. No windmill charm Internatio windmill charmnal. I also windmill charm insure all o windmill charmf my packages to windmill charm the USA to windmill charm make sure that they arrive to windmill charm yo windmill charmu safely. Thanks fo windmill charmr lo windmill charmo windmill charmking.

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