Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco, Vintage Icing Rhinestone Necklace with Adjustable Chain



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This is a Vintage Icing Rhinesto art decone Necklace measures Appro art decox. 18 inches aro art decound, but it has the extended adjustable chain to art deco make it larger. So art decome Ro art decound Rhinesto art decones and Silver To art decone Designed necklace that dangles do art decownward. The back chain has the Icing tag o art decon it. A Very Nice Necklace. 1970's Era. All Rhinesto art decones in go art decoo art decod shape and all there. If yo art decou have any mo art decore questio art decons please ask befo art decore yo art decou purchase. I ship to art deco the USA. No art deco Internatio art deconal. I also art deco insure all o art decof my packages to art deco the USA to art deco make sure that they arrive to art deco yo art decou safely. Thanks fo art decor lo art decoo art decoking.

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