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pierre cardin watch, Pierre Cardin Men's Watch 1970 Era



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This is a Vintage Pierre Cardin Men's Watch 1970's Era. It measures appro pierre cardinx. 1 1/4 inches acro pierre cardinss. It is in go pierre cardino pierre cardind co pierre cardinnditio pierre cardinn with no pierre cardinrmal age wear. Stainless Steel Back, Base Metal Bezel. Go pierre cardinld To pierre cardinne in co pierre cardinlo pierre cardinr, No pierre cardin band with this watch. I canno pierre cardint guarantee o pierre cardinlder watches and clo pierre cardincks , so pierre cardin yo pierre cardinu buy as is. No pierre cardin returns. It has been sto pierre cardinred in a jewelry bo pierre cardinx. It is a very nice lo pierre cardino pierre cardinking affo pierre cardinrdable po pierre cardincket watch. If yo pierre cardinu have any mo pierre cardinre questio pierre cardinns please ask befo pierre cardinre yo pierre cardinu purchase. I ship to pierre cardin the USA. No pierre cardin Internatio pierre cardinnal Shipping. I also pierre cardin insure all o pierre cardinf my packges to pierre cardin make sure that they arrive to pierre cardin yo pierre cardinu safely. Thanks fo pierre cardinr lo pierre cardino pierre cardinking.

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