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antique elgin watch, 1925 Elgin 14K Gold Filled 17Jewel Pocket Watch with 12K Gold Filled Chain Fob



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This is a 1925 Elgin 14K GF Po vintage watchcket watch 17 Jewels with a 1/20 12K GF Po vintage watchcket Watch Chain Fo vintage watchb which measures appro vintage watchx. 6 inches and 5/8 Inch ring Fo vintage watchb. Go vintage watcho vintage watchd Co vintage watchnditio vintage watchn, with no vintage watchrmal age wear. The po vintage watchcket watch measures appro vintage watchx. 1 3/4 inches acro vintage watchss. A 12S. It has the Open Face. A Very nice Ornate edging. It do vintage watches run but so vintage watchmetimes wants to vintage watch sto vintage watchp. When I o vintage watchpen the back and just barely to vintage watchuch the wheel inside it starts to vintage watch run again, so vintage watch it may just need cleaned o vintage watchr adjusted. I canno vintage watcht guarantee my o vintage watchlder Po vintage watchcket Watches o vintage watchr Clo vintage watchcks and I try to vintage watch state all the info vintage watchrmatio vintage watchn that I can abo vintage watchut them, whether they run o vintage watchr no vintage watcht. So vintage watch yo vintage watchu by as is no vintage watch returns. The Case is 1/20 12 K Go vintage watchld Filled and marked Wadswo vintage watchrth Quality. \rHere is the info vintage watchrmatio vintage watchn o vintage watchn the watch fro vintage watchm the Serial number thru the Elgin Website:\rWATCH INFORMATION\rElgin Serial Number : 27866246\rPro vintage watchductio vintage watchn Year :1925\rSize : 12s\rJewels : 17 jewels\rGrade : 345\rMo vintage watchdel : 3\rClass : 114\rRun Quantity : 6000\rPro vintage watchductio vintage watchn Dates : 1904 to vintage watch 1932\rTo vintage watchtal Grade Pro vintage watchductio vintage watchn : 730900\rMo vintage watchvement Co vintage watchnfiguratio vintage watchn : Open Face\rMo vintage watchvement Setting : Pendant Wind and Set\rMo vintage watchvement Finish : Nickel Damaskeening\rPlate : 3/4 Plate\rBarrel : Go vintage watching Barrel\rAdjusted : No vintage watch\r\r If yo vintage watchu have any mo vintage watchre questio vintage watchns please ask befo vintage watchre yo vintage watchu purchase. I ship to vintage watch the USA. No vintage watch Internatio vintage watchnal Shipping. I also vintage watch insure all o vintage watchf my packges to vintage watch make sure that they arrive to vintage watch yo vintage watchu safely. Thanks fo vintage watchr lo vintage watcho vintage watchking.

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