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vintage bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era 40 Grams Sterling



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This is a Sterling Charm Bracelet with 16 Charms. All in go sterling charmso sterling charmsd co sterling charmsnditio sterling charmsn. 1960's / 1970's Era. It weighs a to sterling charmstal o sterling charmsn 40 grams o sterling charmsn my scale. Charms are as fo sterling charmsllo sterling charmsws, A Pineco sterling charmsne, Canada Maple Leaf, A Lady with a bo sterling charmsw o sterling charmsn her head, Liberty Bell, Red Cro sterling charmsss Bell, Pelican, Butterfly, 7 and a Cro sterling charmsss, Canadian Mo sterling charmsuntie, Harvesto sterling charmsre, San Francisco sterling charms, Ho sterling charmslland Sho sterling charmse, Pearl, Cherries and Leaves, Liberty Bell 1976, So sterling charmsmbrero sterling charms Hat. Mo sterling charmsst all charms are marked sterling but no sterling charmst all. The bracelet measures appro sterling charmsx. 6 inches lo sterling charmsng so sterling charms it fits a small wrist. If yo sterling charmsu have any mo sterling charmsre questio sterling charmsns please ask befo sterling charmsre yo sterling charmsu purchase. I ship to sterling charms the USA. No sterling charms Internatio sterling charmsnal. I also sterling charms insure all o sterling charmsf my packages to sterling charms the USA to sterling charms make sure that they arrive to sterling charms yo sterling charmsu safely. Thanks fo sterling charmsr lo sterling charmso sterling charmsking.

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