Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pear rhinestone, Qty of 6 Pierced Rhinestone and Faux Pearls Earrings Plus Rhinestone Heart Pendant



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This is a Vintage 1970's Qty o dangle rhinestonesf 6 Pierced Rhinesto dangle rhinestonesne and Faux Pearls Earrings Plus Rhinesto dangle rhinestonesne Heart Pendant as per the pho dangle rhinestonesto dangle rhinestones's. No dangle rhinestones chain with the pendant. All Silver to dangle rhinestonesne in co dangle rhinestoneslo dangle rhinestonesr. No dangle rhinestones markings that I co dangle rhinestonesuld find. Go dangle rhinestoneso dangle rhinestonesd co dangle rhinestonesnditio dangle rhinestonesn with no dangle rhinestonesrmal age wear. One pair o dangle rhinestonesf earrings do dangle rhinestoneses have o dangle rhinestonesne sto dangle rhinestonesne missing. If yo dangle rhinestonesu have any mo dangle rhinestonesre questio dangle rhinestonesns please ask befo dangle rhinestonesre yo dangle rhinestonesu purchase. I ship to dangle rhinestones the USA. No dangle rhinestones Internatio dangle rhinestonesnal. I also dangle rhinestones insure all o dangle rhinestonesf my packages to dangle rhinestones the USA to dangle rhinestones make sure that they arrive to dangle rhinestones yo dangle rhinestonesu safely. Thanks fo dangle rhinestonesr lo dangle rhinestoneso dangle rhinestonesking.

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