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indian necklace, Native American Black Beads and Seed Beads etc. 22 Inch Necklace



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This is a Native American Black Beads and Seed Beads etc. 22 Inch Necklace . I made it a few year ago indian necklace. It has a ho indian necklaceo indian necklacek o indian necklacen the ends and drapes in Tiers do indian necklacewnward in sectio indian necklacens when placed aro indian necklaceund yo indian necklaceur neck. The Larger Beads are Ro indian necklacese co indian necklacelo indian necklacered, Dark Purple co indian necklacelo indian necklacered and Dark Aqua co indian necklacelo indian necklacered. The aqua sho indian necklacews lighter in my pho indian necklaceto indian necklace but is truly darker in perso indian necklacen, my camera did no indian necklacet adjust right. If yo indian necklaceu have any mo indian necklacere questio indian necklacens please ask befo indian necklacere yo indian necklaceu purchase. I ship to indian necklace the USA. No indian necklace Internatio indian necklacenal Shipping. I also indian necklace insure all o indian necklacef my packages to indian necklace make sure that they arrive to indian necklace yo indian necklaceu safely. Thanks fo indian necklacer lo indian necklaceo indian necklaceking.

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